Museum ‘STRAAT’

‘STRAAT’:  is the museum for street art and graffiti in Amsterdam and a must-see. The  exhibition displays more than 160 artworks by 150+ artists. The artworks were created on-site and most of these works are as big as outdoor walls. STRAAT resides in an 8000 m2 former warehouse on the NDSM wharf, both a national monument and the biggest outdoor playground for street art and graffiti in Amsterdam.

Tiled art

A pedestrian – and bicycle tunnel under the Amsterdam Central Station hosts a remarkable tiled artwork: a seascape showing the Dutch herring fleet. The artwork contains more than 70,000 hand-painted tiles and has been created by Irma Boom who is also a graphic designer. This artwork was commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam and ProRail (Dutch railway infrastructure).

New project ‘the street’

I finished a photo project ‘Veluwe’, a photo story about the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. At the same time, I started a new project ‘the street’ with street photography on which I will be working in near future, next to my travel photography. Of course, street photography is a discipline within travel photography, but I will spend more time in the streets in the Netherlands as well.

The photo shows an artwork in the Wielakker street in the city of Arnhem.



A two-day short stay in Vlissingen (Zeeland, The Netherlands) to explore the city and the surrounding villages of the peninsula Walcheren. The photo shows the skyline of Vlissingen.

Hyder (Alaska, USA) – Fish Creek

From Stewart in Britisch Columbia, Canada, it is easy to cross the border to Hyder (on a dead-end road), situated in Alaska, USA. In Hyder you can observe brown bears catching salmons during the yearly salmon run at the Fish Creek Wildlife Observation Site.

More photo’s of our journey in Canada can be viewed in the Gallery.


In Moricetown (Canada, British Columbia), local fisherman are fishing on a special place in the river, where the river narrows and is forced through a small canyon. They use nets to catch the fish from the waterfall and this does not seem a harmless activity.

Maligne Canyon

Maligne Canyon is a canyon located in the Jasper National Park near Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Eroded out of the Palliser Formation, the canyon is over 50 metres deep.

Rocky Mountains

For the first time since the Covid pandemic, we feel comfortable to resume our travelling to other continents. We selected Canada from our wishlist and travelled from Calgary (Alberta) to Vancouver (British Columbia) on a roadtrip. We drove from Calgary to Banff, Jasper, Prince George, Smithers, Stewart. In Stewart you can easily cross the border to Hyder (Alaska, USA), which we did  to see brown bears catching salmon. From Stewart to Prince Rupert, where we took the ferry to cross the famous Inside Passage to Port Hardy. From Port Hardy we explored Vancouver island from north to south and finally we arrived in Vancouver.
The photo shows the Columbia Icefields in the Rocky Mountains along the road from Banff to Jasper.

Marker wadden

For the second time we visit the Marker Wadden, new artificial islands created in the IJsselmeer. The first time we were here (2017), the main island (only one island can be visited by people) was just a pile of sand. Now, it has been developed with walking paths and bird hides and the island has turned green. The photo shows a common tern (Dutch: visdief).


It is the biggest waterfall in Europe and when staying in Schaffhausen, it is a must-see to have a look at it, although the fall does not compare to the falls on other continents like Niagara or Victoria.