Ganzenmarkt tunnel

The tunnel between the Ganzenmarkt and the Oudegracht in Utrecht gives access to the Oudegracht wharves.  Probably the most photographed tunnel of the city, but most photographers will do this in the evening when lights will produce a colorful experience. But not for me, as I need the photo in B&W for my street life photo project.

Silly Walks

In the Dommeltunnel in Eindhoven,  Niels van Swaemen and Kaspar van Leek created a mural ‘the Silly Walks’ of Monthy Python. A famous episode with John Cleese as the Minister of silly Walks.

Vuelta poem

The stairs to the city hall in Utrecht carries a poem of Ruben van Gogh, written in 2022 as the city hosts a stage of the the Vuelta. Most people use the escalator next to the stairs and do not notice.

Museum of Architecture

The ‘nieuwe instituut’ (new institute) is the Museum of architecture, design and digital culture in Rotterdam. At the street site, the building has an arcade, which is interesting for photographers.

LX Factory

LX Factory is a hotspot in Lisbon. A former industrial complex has been transformed into an art -, food – and shopping centre. The photo shows the outside wall of a (toilet !) – building.


Largo de Artur Arcos in Porto hosts a stencil grafitti mural of artist Daniel Elme, artist from Caldas da Rainha, but living in the town of Porto: a figure of an old lady.