Mandarin duck

We turned the page to a new chapter in our life: we moved from the busy western urban area of The Netherlands to the border of The Veluwe, the largest nature reserve of the country. This will open a load of possibilites to explore nature and wildlife of the area. Starting today, when I encountered a few mandarin ducks near Schaarsbergen.

Kwade Hoek

Kwade Hoek is a nice nature reserve on the island Goeree-Overvlakkee in The Netherlands. I went here to photograph terns. The photos shows a (I think common -) tern feeding a juvenile. The juvenile seems to be almost ready to catch his own fish… I need to come back here as I would like to have a photo of the tern diving into the water catching the fish, for which I need more patience and luck.

Marker Wadden

In the Dutch Markermeer new artificial islands are being created to serve as a nature reserve. We booked an excursion to the construction works of these new islands, the “Marker Wadden”. You can reach them after a 75 minute boat trip from Lelystad. Just when leaving the harbour of Lelystad, you pass this colony of breeding spoonbills.

Design week Milan

For the second time, we visited the design week in Milan, Italy. The whole city is breathing design while the most important furniture exhibition – Salone del Mobile – is welcoming visitors from all over the world. We spend a day at this exhibition as well. The photo shows one of the nicely decorated stands on the exhibition.


The Balgzandpolder is a stroke of land close to the Wadden sea that birds can use in case of high tide. But also with low tide, there are many birds to look at. There is a bird hide as a screen and as a cabin that can be rented. I rented the hide for a day on a cloudy day in April. The photo shows a pied avocet.

Rhizome House

Rhizome House is another art work of the Amsterdam Lightfestival 2016-2017 (see also my previous post). In the science of plants a rhizome is a modified subterranean root that often sends out roots and buds from it nodes. The rhizome also retains the ability to allow new buds to grow upwards, creating a structure above the ground. In Rhizome House from DPArchitects the underground structure is brought above the ground. It is a life size display of this root system. The interactive work encourages you to enter it. Light responds to the visitor giving an experience that is familiar and foreign at the same time. A cool blue and then a bright pink light will make you wonder about environments, comfort, organic spaces and natural habitats (description from festival site (3 photos).


Hourglass is one of the art works of the Amsterdam Lightfestival 2016-2017, created by Dutch artist Wilhelmusvlug. Hourglass visualizes the passing of time and is an installation that shows the metamorphosis of nature through the four seasons, projected into a one-minute-long projection (description from festival website

Graffiti train

If you want to avoid cleaning your trains from graffiti regularly, you can have your whole train painted by a graffiti artist. This seems to be the policy of the railways in Croatia. We noticed this train when visiting Pula, Croatia, during our Venice to Florence tour.

Venice – Florence

We took a flydrive from Venice to Florence including a visit to the region Istria in Croatia. The Itinerary was: Venice, Trieste, Rovinj (Croatia), Verona, Cinque Terre, Marina di Pisa, Florence. One of the highlights was the popconcert of Zucchero in the historic Arena of Verona. The photo shows the nice city of Rovinj, where we stayed for a couple of nights.