Black-tailed Godwit

Arkemheen lies at the border of NP The Veluwe. The area is a birdreserve and a conveniant spot for stilts, like the Black-tailed Godwit on the photo. This bird is our national bird, but endangered due to habitat loss.

Trier – Cochem

Driving From Trier to Cochem in Germany and exploring the many vineyards along the river Moselle. This river twists and turns from Trier to Koblenz. The hillsides are covered by terraced vineyards where some of the best Rieslings grow.

Leeuwarden Cultural Capital

The Dutch city of Leeuwarden is, together with Valetta on Malta, Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. With a long list of activities and events through the year. We have spent here 1,5 days. The photo shows a part of “Lân fan Taal”: text painted on the square and readible when climbing the stairs of the Language experience center. Language makes us human.

Mandarin duck

We turned the page to a new chapter in our life: we moved from the busy western urban area of The Netherlands to the border of The Veluwe, the largest nature reserve of the country. This will open a load of possibilites to explore nature and wildlife of the area. Starting today, when I encountered a few mandarin ducks near Schaarsbergen.

Kwade Hoek

Kwade Hoek is a nice nature reserve on the island Goeree-Overvlakkee in The Netherlands. I went here to photograph terns. The photos shows a (I think common -) tern feeding a juvenile. The juvenile seems to be almost ready to catch his own fish… I need to come back here as I would like to have a photo of the tern diving into the water catching the fish, for which I need more patience and luck.